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Living and working with clear intention is key for conscious leaders and conscious organisations

Our purpose is simple:

To enable leaders, teams and organisations to flourish

to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment


Aside of having higher purpose beyond simply profit, conscious leaders and conscious organisations are guided by clear values and their True North.

Ours are


and safety matter neurophysiologically to access…


and a deeper appreciation of our unique contribution


to innovate, overcome fear and do what’s never been done before


about others’ emerging needs and how we can best be of…


that leads to customer trust, love and sustainable profit & growth

Mission & Vision

Inspiring and enabling conscious leaders to innovate and leave the world better than they found it.

Touching the lives of 10,000 conscious leaders in 3 years

Touching the lives of 1 million conscious leaders in 10 years


Mark McMordie


Mark is CEO of The Conscious Leader and co-author of Mindfulness for Coaches. A Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Mark works with CEOs and leaders, enabling them to build agile organisations that thrive in a VUCA world. Informed by vertical leadership development, Mark supports leaders to develop more inclusive and inquiry-based leadership in order to support organisational transformation. He is an experienced mindfulness teacher and has delivered mindfulness based emotional intelligence training across a range of organisations including Nike, The Telegraph, Leon, and Lloyds Banking Group.

While TCL’s associates bring rich diversity, they all have four things in common

  • strong commercial track record
  • professionally certified executive coaches
  • expertise in leadership agility and vertical leadership development
  • depth of personal mindfulness practice / trained mindfulness teachers

Community & Environment

We support the following:

Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP)

A national charity for young people and schools, MiSP was established in 2009 to bring the benefits of secular mindfulness to the classroom. They deliver well-researched, in-depth curricula and materials for schools and train teachers to deliver them. MiSP courses succeed consistently with all types of pupils, according to both the research evidence and overwhelmingly positive feedback. They have built a network of thousands of trained teachers in the UK and beyond and work closely with leading experts and academics, including on the University of Oxford’s MYRIAD study. MiSP are proud to be backed by the National Association of Head Teachers, which represents 30,000 school leaders.

Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans UK was founded by Jo Ruxton and Sonja Norman in 2009. They embarked on their first project, creating the film A Plastic Ocean, to raise awareness of the plastic pollution issue. That mission became a reality in January 2017, when the film launched on a global scale. While continuing to promote the film, the Foundation is now turning its attention to other projects in order to achieve its mission. They are supporting further scientific research, developing education programmes, and building links with industry to reduce our plastic footprint and prevent it getting into the oceans.